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Lux Top 360 wants to be your ideal partner to maintain your luxury property in perfect condition. We offer a deep cleaning service according to your needs. Whether you need an urgent cleaning or a regular assistance, our team is committed to satisfy you 24/7.

our team

Our cleaning staff is a professional team with many years of experience in the field. Over the last years, Lux Top 360’s cleaning services have satisfied over thousands of customers.

Their trust and the rapid growth of the company are the guarantee of our commitment to quality. Furthemore, our cleaning team only uses high-performance equipment that is environmentally friendly.


our packages

We offer several cleaning packages, customized according to your needs: we can respond to an urgent request in the shortest possible time but also assist you on a regular basis during the stay of your guests.

We can take care of all the phases of cleaning for your rental property: from the initial cleaning before the arrival of your guests to the final cleaning before your stay as well as from the daily cleaning when your guests are still on holidays to the cleaning between two bookings.

Our cleaning team is more than just a cleaning service: it is your trusted partner to maintain the impeccable condition of your property.

In case of any damage, our cleaning staff will notify us so we can take action as soon as possible. This professionalism allows you to optimize your rental income with ease without the need to be present.

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