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Luxtop 360 offers these customers, whether they are hosts or tenants, many services to facilitate everyone’s stay. City tour by limousine, concert tickets, welcome pack, … Everything is done to make the tenant’s stay exceptional and to ensure that the owner is completely serene.



24/7 ownership of the property, save your time and increase your rental income


High-end service for your hosts, rental with confidence


100% sécurité et confiance, une vision et un contrôle complets de votre propriété


Exceptional welcome and assistance for your guests thanks to a luxury concierge service

You would like to welcome guests in your property without worrying? Lux Top 360 offers a complete concierge service that takes care of your guests 24/7, from their arrival to their departure.

During a detailed check in, Lux Top 360 will check carefully the identity of your guests and the inventory of your property. We will make sure to provide all the necessary information to your guests by providing them an Iphone with all your recommendations. In case of any issue, they will be able to use it to contact us.

At the end of each stay, Lux Top 360 will proceed to a detailed checkout to ensure the impeccable condition of your property. This concierge service wants to provide you a complete assistance in order to guarantee you as well as your guests a peaceful stay.


A cleaning service available 24/7

Lux Top 360 provides you an exclusive cleaning service to maintain cleanliness in your home, office, restaurant, hotel, building, yacht or boat.

Our rates are adapted to your needs: whether you need a deep cleaning or an urgent one, we will be here for you, 24/7. Our staff is indeed available on-demand or on a regular basis.

Our cleaning team is equipped with high-performance equipment while carefully respecting the environment. Our thousands of satisfied customers and the rapid growth of our company are the guarantee of our commitment to quality.

Linen & Towels


Offer to your guests an exclusive stay with all the comforts of a luxury hotel. We are redefining the concept of home rentals together thanks to a luxury linen and towels service, as well as the delivery of toiletries beyond luxury hotels standards. Surprise your guests with the irreproachable quality of your home, your apartment, or your yacht !

property Maintenance

Lux Top 360 ensures the complete technical maintenance of your property, with the guarantee that everything will be set up quickly, regardless of the time and rental location.

This complete maintenance service includes the fixing of leaks, the draining of pipes, the maintaining of the lighting and electrical fixings (replacement of bulbs, senses, batteries and fuses), the cleaning of the air conditioning filters as well as the garden maintenance (spray, etc).

Whenever you need, we are available 24/7 for your requests as well as for those of your guests: following a quick call, our technicians will intervene as soon as possible.

Customized services


At Lux Top 360, we want to make sure that every stay is unique in order to create unforgettable experiences. To do so, we offer exclusive services upon your requests or those of the guests.

As a Lux Top 360 owner, you can choose to offer your most special guests a luxury welcome. We provide welcome gifts such as champagne, aperitifs, high quality wines, etc.

Lux Top 360 also offers guests the opportunity to customize their stay by adding tailor-made activities. They can indeed book directly with us city tours by boat, car rentals or tickets for the most important sports events

Whatever your desire or the one of your guests is, Lux Top 360 is committed to satisfy it as soon as possible.



You need support during the whole process of renting your property? Lux Top 360 offers you a complete rental management formula that carefully takes care of all the stages

At the very start, Lux Top 360 will make your property ready to rent: we optimize the interior design, we take professional photos of the result and we write quality ads on the main short-term rental platforms.

Throughout the rentals of your property, we make sure to optimize your bookings through targeted marketing campaigns. You will be able to follow the status of your rentals in real time thanks to a report with pictures of your property on our dedicated application.

Do not hesitate to rent your property, choose to optimize your rental income in total peace of mind with Lux Top 360.

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